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Myths about Home-Care/Kitchen shelf care .

Myths about Home-care/Kitchen shelf care.

Several Indian women think that some items used from kitchen -shelf, in their raw form, can be beneficial. My clients come to me with skin problems like-acute dryness, discoloured skin, red patches, rashes, extremely hot skin, uneven skin tone, burnt skin (black patches- not Melasma). Their body skin colour and facial complexion varies to an extent that if you see them, you may feel as though they belong to two different women! When put question to them like.

  • Question : What do you do for the up-keep of your skin, daily?

  • Ans 1: I use lemon daily. I rub the rind over the skin, then apply Gram flour (besan) for 30min and wash it with warm water.

  • Ans 2: I apply Fuller's earth with lemon and leave on skin for an hour.

  • Ans 3: I use Gram flour (besan) and tamarind.

  • Question : For how many minutes?

  • Ans 1 : I never go by watch-till I finish my work in the kitchen.

  • Ans 2 : I sometimes apply Garlic paste, milk, turmeric and Gram flour( besan )twice a week , sometimes lemon juice, curd and leave for an hr.

  • Ans 3 : I take steam above Gram flour (besan) and tomato pulp, daily.

  • Ans 4 : I use glycerine and juice of Rose petals and leave it overnight.

  • Ans 5 : I use Aloe Vera pulp and leave it overnight.

  • Ans 6 : I massage my skin with lemon and Aloe Vera pulp.........My God! So many ways to beautify your biggest Asset. My suggestion Please don't do all such experiments on your skin/face/body/hair. If you want it to be beautiful either leave it as it is, simply wash with water or know about its type and use ingredients accordingly .Fuller's earth is good only for curing Acne condition and open enlarged pores. It should not be left on skin for more than 10min. If you use it on normal and dry skins, then normal skin will become dry and dark (as it will lose its moisture) and dry skin will become dark and fine lines may start appearing(as dry skin always has less moisture- deficient in sebum). Fuller's earth is generally infected with bacteria, which can worsen the condition. One should always use disinfected Fuller's Earth , if the skin allows. Lemon ph balance is not supportive to skin's ph balance. So it will break the skin's acid mantle (sebum and sweat) and open it for bacterial attack, for a very long time as skin will take a long time to re-store its ph balance (on its own which skin always does, even when we wash face simply with water). So you may find 2-3 Erruptions ( pimples) here and there, after the use of lemon. Red rashes, red patches, dryness can also be seen. But you relate these occurrences to something else .People think lemon is good to cure acne-No! It should be balanced with other soft (hydrating) ingredients. Using lemon, Gram flour (besan) daily will definitely make the skin dark and patchy. Taken orally it may be a big help, but just once a day. Gram flour (besan) may help cure oily condition of the skin, a bit, but not all skin types. Chironji used on oily skin may give pimples. Always use normal water (neither cold nor warm) to wash face. Never give steam to the skin unless you are suffering from cold and cough. At such times apply a thick layer of moisturiser on skin. While steaming for beautification there are certain rules to be followed-so rely on a knowledgeable Estheticienne. Garlic! Oh it has allicin which benefits our digestion by detoxifying the digestive system , but not your skin. It burns the skin and the patches become so stubborn that they take years to cure. I had one such client who honestly told me that she had used garlic in trying to dry-up the pimples. The after effect (brown patches) took more than 2 years to cure.-one such patch still remains on her skin. Aloe-Vera is boon to man-kind. It has many medicinal values. Research is still going on and unlimited benefits are being found every now and then. But using the pulp, leaving it overnight without knowing your skin type-may give some kind of an allergy or may leave your skin red and dry (dehydrated). As anything drying on the skin for a long time makes it loose its moisture thereby accelerating ageing signs. Girls, ladies are always in a habit of keeping hankies with them while going out and they wipe their face unnecessarily, so many times. Our skin secretes moisture (sebum) which when mixes with sweat (I am not talking of profusely sweating people) creates a natural protective film over skin. This film is ever there on a person's skin who is habitual of wiping it frequently or touching it with hands or fingers. So be Ware! Don't follow the tips told by your most respected but ignorant chachis and mamis.......