WAKE UP BEFORE SUNRISE. Morning: Yoga/ Walk/ Pranayam. Water: 2 glasses. A handful of soaked, peeled, Almonds. Soak a handful of peanurs also. Eat them at any time of the day ,as per your convinience. But Almonds should be consumed early morning. Breakfast: 2 Plantans(bananas)/ papaya/ 1Apple and one banana. Porredge, Milk and jaggery. Can replace porredge with brown bread and butter(good amount) or Idlis with coconut chutney. PREFER FERMENTED FOOD ONCE A DAY AS IT IS FULL IF NIACIN WHICH KEEPS FUNCTION OF VITAL ORGANS AT ITS BEST. ELEVATES YOUR MOOD ALSO. In between breakfast and Lunch: 1 Fruit( any) or5-8 Cashews and 5-8 Raisins( do not eat seeds of raisins). 1p.m. Lunch: 2 bowls of dal, 2 servings green veg, 2 chapatees, maybe 3. ( Eat slightly less than your appetite). After 15 min : water 4p.m.: A Cheese cube 5p.m.: Any sport or walk. 6p.m.: 1 cup Milk.(half tsp turmeric. It sets the ph balance of blood right). 7p.m.: 1 plate Salad: just tomatoes(2). As tomatoes are full of lycopene and vit C , they make you energetic, give mental strength and keep your skin beautiful as well. Dinner: Go by your choice. But no junk, no noodles( refined flour). Eat good nutritious food and eat as per your appetite. 30 min after dinner: 4-5 fresh dates. If you study till late night, then eat a fruit ( apple or banana), before sleeping. Do not eat biscuits or fryums. Your store should be full of fresh dates, raisins, cashews, Almonds, peanuts, plantans, apples, oranges, sweet lime, cheese. Whenever you want to much something, pick one or two of these. Once in 7 days eat a meal of your choice( junk ), provided you followed everything for good 6 days.. If you have a quick pot / coffee maker, pour 4 glases of water in it. Put 50 gms silver coin in it. Keep boiling for 10 min. Let water cool down. Preserve water in a bottle. Drink it whenever you are thirsty. Alfa Alfa- 1 month( 4-5 drops in water) , Becosule- 2 months, Multivitamin- 1 month.

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