Facial Massage – A Holistic Approach to Wellness

I self massage my face regularly and have been performing Abhyang on a daily basis, for many years now. I devote a good amount of time reading. Especially, reading a lot about self facial massage and its immense benefits in order to carry it forward to our clients and society.

Reading all the benefits and experiencing them are two different things. If you want to look beautiful all your life with a healthy mind and body, you can start even now. You will be benefitted immensely. It’s a cliché for almost all of you but it’s real for me and few of my loyal clients. As I used to practice self facial massage and Abhyang daily, my regular clients used to notice improvement and glow in my skin with every passing month. In spite of several major surgeries at a young age, I was getting energized day by day. The physical improvements were so visible to my clients that they did not need much of motivation to include these in their daily beauty regimen.

Our salon hires experts who possess the capability and are well trained in providing the best body massage in Gorakhpur. Generally, a good massage stimulates the muscles and lymphatic system. A specialist can make every area of the body to respond to the facial massage. We have around 300 pressure points on our face, which relate to every part of the body. So when we go through a good facial massage, it impacts every organ of our body. It makes the face glow and takes out the tiredness and laziness away. It also charges us for the whole day, keeps us active, confident, happy and positive. This should be the first thing that you perform in the morning after brushing your teeth.


The above figure illustrates different pressure points for different body organs. It shows you the correct way to massage your face in the morning so that all the vital organs in your body start functioning properly. The reflex buttons for every part of the body are present on the face and neck. I have videos on DIY massage at home. If you start this you will spend few minutes in front of the mirror, in solitude, uplifting yourself in every aspect. This is the best thing to do early in the morning.

A latest research done in one of the states of Japan:

The facial massage if done daily, reduces anxiety, negative mood status and increases sympathetic nervous activity.

They carried out the experiment forming two groups of 7 people in each group. One group followed just cleansing, toning, moisturizing for 15 days. The other group followed the regimen which included cleansing, toning, massage, pack/ mask, moisturizing, for 15 days.

The outcome measures were evaluated of both groups immediately before and after the completion of regimen. These measures included Electrocardiograms (ECG) recordings to evaluate intervals between heart beats as well as Parasympathetic and Sympathetic Nervous activities.

Parasympathetic Nervous Activity: Responsible for rest and recovery- resulting in a relaxed physical state.

Sympathetic Nervous Activity- In charge of ‘Fight or Flight’ response resulting in a stimulated physical state.

Anxiety and negative mood decreased significantly of all 7 performing the massage facial after the hands on intervention, based on scores from profile of mood status and state trait anxiety inventory. The group of 7 performing cleansing, toning , moisturizing showed negligible score in improving mood status.
So why not inculcate self massage facial in your day-to-day life?

About Abhyang please watch my video –

Easy steps to get flawless skin.

Use Natural products which will benefit your skin & cure all the ageing signs.

Juvena Herbals has 3 massage creams used for facial as well as body massage in Gorakhpur.

  • Gold Saffron Cream

A powerful rejuvenating and complexion enhancing cream. Gold saffron and turmeric accelerate the regeneration of cells and skin fiber, easing out fine lines and giving good glow with visible firmness. This exclusive beauty product is enriched in milk protein, honey, vitamin A&E which gives resilience and proper nutrition to skin.

  • Orange Honey Massage Cream

It is an organic product prepared with natural herbs like rose, orange, aloe vera, ashwagandha, papaya, tulsi, shatpushpa, borax, glycerine, emulsifying wax, honey, beeswax, mineral oil, sandal oil, rose oil, almond oil, preservatives that helps in removing dryness from your skin, cures the dull skin, rejuvenates and adds glow to the skin backed up with anti-aging effect.

  • Cocoa Butter Cream

It is a non-greasy rich Cocoa Butter Cream that contains 100% herbal actives. The natural herbal cream intensively moisturizes the skin and provides a healthy and bright look. The long-lasting hydrating property of the cream provides nourishments as well as helps in improving the moisture content of the skin.

Massage with one of these depending upon your skin type and condition.


Benefits of daily self massage facial-

1. Massage can be relaxing.

At the end or starting of a long day—or after a few hours of working at the computer, you can use the massage to relax all your facial muscles and can calm your nerves. Choose an effective moisturizer with a relaxing and soothing fragrance, and keep your initial movements slow. Breath deeply and slowly as you massage your skin.

2. Massage can be stimulating

Depending on your movements, massage can help you in waking you up in the morning! Quick as well as gentle movements can to some extent make you feel alive in your skin. Try tapping your fingers gently all over your face—like you’re gently typing. Use only your ring finger on the delicate area i.e. around your eyes.

3. Massage improves facial muscle tone.

Because a good facial massage stimulates the facial muscles, a massage is just like a mini-workout that you can do for your face. Just ask Molly Sims, who swears upon by facial yoga in order to increase circulation, provide oxygen, and build efficient collagen.

4. Massage may help reduce fluid retention and puffiness.

By gently massaging in the small circles on your face at facial pressure points for up to 20 seconds, you can effectively witness the reduction in eye puffiness and encouraged lymphatic drainage.

5. Massage boosts circulation (& therefore glow).

Improving your circulation via facial massage gives you glow. The more efficiently the blood courses through your body, the more efficiently the present nutrients are delivered to your organs—which includes your skin!

Avoid massage under following conditions-

  • When you feel physically exhausted
  • When your skin is inflamed after severe sun exposure
  • Don’t massage while suffering from acne, boils, especially when inflamed.
  • When you have fever
  • When you have skin rashes
  • Avoid massaging areas of cuts, wounds and bruises.

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