Women’s skin v/s Men’s skin.

Men have thicker skin. It tends to be 20-30% thicker than women’s skin.

Men have more & larger hair follicles especially on the face.

Men’s skin produce more oil because they have more sebaceous glands.

Men’s skin stays in good condition, more youthful till late age.

What makes Men’s products different-

Basic skin care rules are the same for men & women.

Because of frequent shaving men face problems of ingrown hair, cuts , irritation, razor bumps dehydrated skin and so on. The brands that focus on results develop fairness scrub, pre-shaving packs & moisturiser for men which leave skin hydrated. Specially formulated scrubs for men solve the problem of ingrown hair which is a post shaving effect. Pre shaving packs control and balance the sebum secretion which may increase after frequent shaving.

Scrubs helps move hairs even short ones up & away from the pores. This prevents ingrown hairs & gives you a cleaner shave.

Inspite of men’s skin being thicker it needs more care then women cause it has large pores and produce more oil.

Men’s skin is exposed more to sun and pollution than a woman’s skin. So men should strictly cleanse their skin twice a day & apply a mask & scrub on alternate days.

They should mandatorily use a night cream. However oily their skin maybe but their body heat while they are asleep causes skin dehydration. Women have lower metabolic rate than men . While asleep men’s skin temperature is slightly higher than women’s . So a good well developed night cream , body lotion , scalp Tonic gets absorbed fully giving cent percent benifits. For this benificial aspect of their skin men should use suitable night cream with essential oils and collagen building factors. If they do then instantly their skin will look hydrated and glowing in the morning and will remain youthful for a very long period.

If they don’t they face problems like Adult acne,spots, blemishes, sunburns, pigmentation.

If men think that their collagen does not reduce as fast as women’s and that their skin remains in a better condition till late age they are mistaken.

As men are careless about their skin they do not get to see actual beauty of their skin till the end.

Those men who cleanse and moisturise and follow a skin care regimen in their day-to-day life look 15 years younger then their better halves! 😇.

So start it today.

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