Do not dig at several places.
Dig at just one place, keep digging to reach the depth where you will definitely get plenty of water. In fact the flow of water will always be there, in plenty, come what may.


With 25 years of my experience I can say with surety that 99% of ladies/ girls do not clean their skin,let alone take care, daily. When a special function is about to approach , they start working towards their skin sincerely. Their expectations from their beauty regime and skin becomes high. When the special occasion is over, these ladies become careless towards skin.

Some ladies are in a habit of changing beauty regime and beauty products frequently.

Some follow the home care tips blindly,provided by irresponsible people or magazines, without any knowledge of the active ingredient or the skin structure/ nature/ type.

In all the above cases result is either temporary or damaging. The result falls more towards the damaging side.
Given below are some vital points/ procedures for those who are seriously interested to make their skin beautiful, flawless and glowing.

  1. Clean skin two times a day.( with cleanser suitable for your skin).
  2. Do not forget to apply gentle pressure on marked points as shown in the diagram of my previous article, A TOUCH FOR BEAUTY. To read it please visit
  3. Apply moisturizer after cleansing.
  4. Apply hydrating cream/ serum at night. A suitable herbal balm should be applied on lips.
  5. Massage twice a week. Massaging daily for 5-7 minutes has n numbers of benefits. If it is not possible in your busy schedule, massage twice a week.
  6. Apply a suitable,genuine Herbal face pack three times a week.
  7. While washing face wash eyes properly. After washing eyes, rub lips gently to get rid of chapped skin, dried saliva and dirt on lips.
  8. Never use warm water on facial skin. Never use soap or face wash.
  9. Start your day with OIL SWISHING ( GUNDUSHA) .

Gundusha technique ,popularly known as Oil swishing , is an ancient technique to detoxify your body, improve oral health, improve skin.

One – two tea-spoons of either cold pressed Almond oil or olive oil can be used for this procedure.

Take one/two teaspoon of Olive or Almond oil in the mouth first thing in the morning. Before or after brushing teeth is immaterial. Keep it in mouth for 20 minutes. During 20 min neither gulp nor open the mouth. Spit it out after 20 minutes. What you spit will be unlike the oil you gulped. It will be thick and white in colour. Clean mouth and drink one glass lukewarm water.

10.Deep cleansing is required once a week regardless of cleansing skin daily. To know an appropriate technique of deep cleansing at home please visit

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