Herbal Products Myths & facts

Herbal Beauty Products are made from Herbal extracts which are extracted from Herbs either in water or in oil.
This extract is mixed with beeswax and emolients to make a cream (herbal). This cream can never be of white, pink , light green or other bright colours. It always acquires a dirty or dirty off -white colour.

Once the Herbal cream is ready , no perfume should be added to it. Otherwise the herbs’ extract becomes inaffective. Either essential oils ( a perfect blend) or nothing should be added to it, to keep its effectiveness at its best & long lasting.

Aroma Therapy creams:

Herbal creams ought to be Aromatherapy treatment creams. Like I said earlier, on adding perfume to herbal creams they loose their effectivity, therefore, only aromatherapy oils can be added to them.
So if any brand says that it has herbal range and Aroma range as well, never believe it. Pure herbal products ought to be Aromatherapy products too. But all Aromatherapy products need not be Herbal products.
Aromatherapy products are white in colour with a blend of Aromatherapy oils in it. (Like Juvena’s Mint cl).
If Aromatherapy products are colourful, definitely colour is added to them. Always remember, synthetic colour reduces effectivity of the essential oils.
With the above guide lines, you can, for yourself judge the purity of Herbal and Aromatherapy products, independently.

Conclusion: Don’t judge the purity & quality of Beauty Products by brand name, fragrance, packaging or label.


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