World Environment Day

On this very important day, World Environment Day,
which is celebrated on 5th June every year. This year, 2021, the theme is to “Reimagine. Recreate. Restore.”

Environment: The conditions in which we live, work, etc.

By this definition, we can say wherever we may be, we are always surrounded by the environment.
For instance,
•A person working on their laptop
•A baby playing in the playground
•A gardener maintaing the plants
•A traveler travelling across nations
Whatever action pops up in our mind, we’ll see that we are always a part of the environment.

The environment, if it is pleasant, helps us to focus on important things and keeps our Health in check. On the contrary, if it is unpleasant, it brings in ill health as well as mood swings. So, we can easily conclude that
Healthy Environment leads to Healthy Life.

Now, connecting the dots, Skin, being the largest excretory organ can’t be separated from its environment. Our lifestyle, our surroundings, the air around us, the temperature around us, etc, all have very important roles to play in our lives.

If we step out in the scorching heat of the Sun, we will end up depleting the collagen from our skin. The UV rays will not only give us inflammation but also make our skin unhealthy.
The pollutants present in the air will give us open pores which will lead to excess sebum secretion and therefore, acne related issues. The dryness caused by pollution is irreparable and takes years to regain the elasticity of our skin.
Air pollution, Water Pollution, and, Soil Pollution have a direct impact on our health, and therefore, our skin because our Skin needs all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals to replenish.
Taking into account all the factors, we can easily conclude, that if we will not Reimagine. Recreate. Restore, then we can never become overall healthy. Our health and skin both are at major risk.

There are a few things/little steps we can take to give back what we have taken from the environment. To say a few:
•We can plant one flower in our balcony, TODAY and take care of it like our kid, for life.
•We can promise ourselves to NEVER throw any waste material on the ground but to always put it in the dustbin.
•We will never WASTE, both, water and food.
•We can try our best to be responsible in handling the natural sources.

If we have any other idea which is feasible to do on this Environment Day, we can post it in the comment section, so that everyone can take inspiration.

Juvena gives you back what time has taken away. But this time, let’s promise to give back to the environment and nurture it the way it has nurtured us always.

Hope to see your inputs and want to know
How you have benefited the environment?
How the environment has benefited you?

Happy Reading!
Mrs.Basant Kaur,
Juvena Herbals

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