Wash Away Your Troubles With Some Bubbles
Bathing is meditation

Bathing is an absolute Meditation.
Take bath twice a day to stay “Healthy.”

A very tough day at work?
By the evening your feet, back start aching. Eyes feel heavy.

A hot bath with a cold blast in the end is the solution to all the aches and stress. It elevates your mood, boosts your immune system and gives you a sound sleep. There are various types of baths for various problems. I will talk of basic baths and there benefits. Discussing various types of baths is a far away cry as most of us are completely ignorant of body cleansing, hygiene. 

I have spent more than half of my life in beauty & wellness industry as well as have created the best herbal products for the society. In spite of constant suggestions on baths twice a day, people/ clients ignore it. Those who are on this bath regime look much younger, happy, and energetic after few months and they do not fall prey to infections as their immune system strengthen up. A bath can detoxify your body easily with very little expenditure!

Suggesting or sometimes forcing clients ( suffering from hair fall, acne, pigmentation, overweight, sunburns) to take bath regularly is like doing a courageous task as they take it on their egos and ignore the suggestion deliberately.

Benefits Of Bathing
Benefits Of Bathing

It is like a ‘ battle won’ when 4 out of 10 show seriousness towards this inexpensive task.

A bath is a MEDITATION. It is a complete ‘ME TIME.’  Spending 30-40 minutes in bathroom will not only relax you physically but will also make you chirpier. This will also take care of your endocrine system. It is like an effective, natural anti-depressant. Rub, Scrub your body with your own hands, pour water, and apply good aromatic ubtan and feeling of being truly beautiful will naturally come to you………all this loves yourself.

Standing under a shower is also a bath but not a complete one. A bath should be concluded with a shower. A bath is CLEANSING from inside out. Rubbing and scrubbing will definitely tone up the muscles, encourages sweating, and boosts lymphatic and blood circulations. A mental feeling of well-being will automatically kick in and this makes you a receptor of positivity, releasing all your stress and negative thoughts.

Thinking and then preparing yourself for a bath is also a very good stress released. So involve yourself in preparation too.

Skin is the largest organ of excretion/detoxification and therefore a primary organ for protecting all vital organs. We need to keep our skins clear as the maximum number of pollutants settle on our skins through the day. What impurities settle on our skin in 24 hours should be known to us.

Smog, household chemicals, cosmetics, heavy metals like Mercury,  aluminium, Arsenic, lead nickel, dust mite, particles form anti dust mite spray, fungus, bacteria, virus parasites, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides,  perfumes, deodorants, formaldehydes and many other hazardous agents available In the atmosphere, known/unknown.

Impurities On Skin
Impurities On Skin

Now isn’t it necessary to unload our bodies off these harmful things?
Whatever settles on skin gradually but definitely reaches to our blood.

Following are some regimes that you can begin.


Things required:

1) Warm water,
2) Normal tap water,
3) Body oil,
4)A soft scrubber- Wheat flour, Almond and Cashew powder, milk.
5)Epsom salt,
6) Body wash for underarms and inner thighs.

Body Wash
Body Wash

7) A gentle Lavender moisturizer to soothe your body in the end.

-Soak 2 table spoons of Epsom salt in 25ltrs of water. Soaking time-20 min.
-Meanwhile pour warm water on yourself.
-Wipe body gently.
-Apply scrub all over. Leave it for just 10 min. Scrub it out gently with moistened fingertips.
-Pour Epsom salt water. Rub your body gently and keep pouring water.
-Apply body wash wherever necessary.
-Wash properly.
-Let the body dry on its own or partially wipe it.
-Apply Lavender Camphor Moisturizer.

 Lavender Camphor Moisturizer
Lavender Camphor Moisturizer

-Wear clothes.


A SPECIAL SPA BATH: Fortnightly.

In depth exfoliation leads to healthy skin!

This kind of exfoliation is possible only through professional care.
Lots of pampering, sweating, stroking, physical and mental relaxation makes this exfoliation happen.

Two masseurs massaging body, with Saffron Turmeric massage cream, from both sides of median line is a heavenly feeling.

Gold Saffron Massage Cream
Gold Saffron Massage Cream

This starts with intense reflexology based scalp massage, Massage facial followed by three suitable face packs.

Now comes the turn for steam bath.

-The steam given at Juvena has droplets of exceptionally small size. 
-This makes breathing easy and enjoyable.
-The Herbs from the cream reduce the dryness, double coloration of the skin.
-The steam encourages sweat which throws all toxins out from within.
-The cream’s moisturizing ingredients penetrative deeper and firm up the skin.
-After steam bath of approx. 15 minutes body is wiped thoroughly.
-Saffron paste is applied all over the body.

JUVENA HERBALS is known for its exclusive treasure of face packs and Body packs. Amongst these is a body pack of dry fruits, aniseed, herbs, essential oils cooked in the juices of Sugar cane and Orange.
This body pack is applied above Saffron paste on entire body for 20 min. followed by a refreshing shower/ shampoo.
Body is thoroughly moisturized in the end.
Those who sweat profusely-Should apply marrow pack and Aniseed pack.

Mix 2 tsps. of Marrow beauty pack to 3 tsps. of aniseed pack and add water to mix both. Apply on Armpits, inner thighs and complete body with palm and sole. Leave for 20 minutes. Take bath. Do this daily for a month. Next month make it on alternate days and third month once in three days which should continue for a long time followed by Juvena’s body wash and body lotion.

Every woman has a Right to fortnight bath at JUVENA HERBALS.
Every man has a Right to daily bathing regimen suggested by Juvena Herbals.

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