Strawberry Legs: How To Prevent & Treat Them?
Strawberry Legs

What Are Strawberry Legs?

Strawberry Legs
Strawberry Legs

Strawberry Legs: When small black spots develop on the legs which resemble strawberry seeds. People can prevent strawberry legs by not shaving their legs, those who do not clean the skin on their legs regularly get this problem after shaving or waxing. The dirt, crust, pollutants, sweat residue enter the large pores in the legs while shaving and waxing. The trauma created by shaving and waxing further enlarges the pores and they clog more as the dirt on the surface enters them. Now the pores get darker and appear to be dotted or pitted. They are not itchy or painful. Strawberry legs are also caused due to clogged pores, ingrown hair, folliculitis, dry skin, keratosis pilaris. When a person exfoliates and hydrates the skin with good moisturizing scrubs, creams, lotions, packs, strawberry legs get a good cure. If the customized regimen for strawberry legs goes on for a long time then this problem is not only managed but also cured.
The regimen can prevent future occurrences completely. Do not forget to clean your legs before shaving or waxing. After waxing wipe with a clean wet towel or wash your legs and apply a good moisturizing pack followed by a hydrating lotion body massage cream and Marrow beauty pack both can serve as an exfoliator and hydrators. 

If you are suffering from Strawberry legs, following are the customized regimen for Strawberry legs + a particular skin type.

Soft Exfoliator+ Hydrator For 
Dry Skin
Anjeer Aloe Vera Pack+ Body Massage Cream.
Ratio: 2 parts Anjeer Aloe Vera Pack+ 1 part Body Massage Cream.

For Crusty Skin & Sweaty Skin
Crusty skin looks layered with old dead skin which does not shed on time. So they create a crust.
Marrow Beauty pack+ Body Massage cream.
1 part Marrow Beauty Pack + 1 part Body Massage Cream.

Smelly Sweat
Aniseed Pack+ Body Massage Cream
2 parts Aniseed Pack+ 1 part Body Massage Cream.

Skin With Eruptions
Be it whiteheads, blackheads, or keratosis pilaris.
Aha Glow Pack+ Body massage cream.
1 part Aha Glow Pack+ 1 part Body Massage Cream.

If you are not able to judge to which category your skin belongs
Apply Bridal Ubtan or Royal Bridal Ubtan.

If you have a hectic schedule
Overlooking all skin types just focus on Strawberry legs.
Apply Body Massage Cream.
Leave it till you finish your bathroom activities.
Take water in your palm.
Move over the legs and massage over the Body Massage Cream for a minute on each leg. Wash.
Take bath.

*After every exfoliator + hydrator, Body lotion should be applied.
*Avoid using hot water for baths as it may aggravate the problem.

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