One of the most difficult tasks is to find the perfect salon which can serve as your go-to place for all your grooming needs. No matter where we are in the world, we desire a home away from home, a place where you can feel pampered and taken care of. And what can be better than a trustworthy salon? For Juvena’s clients, a cup of strong coffee is an added bonus!

Juvena caters to all of your beauty-related needs and desires. From the highest quality makeups and hair styles to effective skin and hair treatments, Juvena gives you everything!

In the 29 years of its existence, Juvena has earned itself a very positive reputation across India. We are proud to say that we have the widest range of treatments which are unique, scientific and highly result-oriented. Our treatments are outstanding. They cannot be found anywhere else in the whole world! Juvena’s technologically advanced treatments are done by highly trained beauty experts. Every single beauty expert at Juvena undergoes rigorous training and regular re-training under The Beauty Expert, Mrs. Medha Singh. She is the woman behind Juvena’s success.

To this day, Juvena stands true to its slogan,

With the opening of a franchise in Varanasi, we are all set to take over the beauty scene all over the country.
Juvena stands out even more because of its awe-inspiring interior. It leaves a long-lasting impression on the hearts and minds of our clients. From unique Manicure and Pedicure setting to the huge Jacuzzi, we have it all.

We have created history as we offer our own range of effective herbal products known to solve all skin and hair problems which no other brand has done as successfully.

We are known for our generosity in distributing free samples of almost all our products, to the first-timers. This practice is very popular among the people.

The variety of facials here are suitable for brides-to-be, mothers-to-be, teenagers as well as old ladies.
You can indulge yourself in:-
Luxurious baths,
Slimming programs to achieve a healthy BMI,
Pocket-friendly clean-ups for students,
Confidence-instilling makeups, among other things.

For rejuvenation, we have the irresistible Cocoa Butter Massage Facial, ornamental in effect is the 24K Gold facial, in which we add genuine 24K Gold in front of you, stress-busting Detoxification/Distressing Facials.

Juvena has a group of professional hair stylists who can create beautiful hairstyles that will put you in the limelight wherever you go! To check out some of them, visit our Instagram page http://www.instabut.com/profile/juvena_gkp/5698429839

Recently, we have added a Cell Oxygenation Fairness Facial which removes the layer of dead skin from your face and neck, thus reducing patchy skin tone, tanning, pigmentation, it gives an instant tightening effect that is long-lasting. The nutrients that are fed to your skin in these facials make you look younger by 5 years. You will be amazed by the results which go on improving everyday!

The above points were a glimpse into Juvena’s treatments, products, services, and their effectiveness. If you visit Juvena, be rest assured that you will see the results you expected and you would leave as a satisfied and loyal customer.

We promise you that walking into Juvena means taking a step towards a healthy and happy life!

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