The Difference Between Oils And Creams
Difference Between Oils & Creams

Oils have made their place in the Beauty World and people have started comparing facial creams with oils. So many clients tell me that when I am applying an Oil, I don’t need any moisturizer. Some say that I Massage my facial skin with oil and hence I don’t need a massage cream. Why cream is required? Can we compare two different things with each other? If I am deficient in Vitamin C, in place of oranges can apples supply the same amount of Vitamin C to my body?

If I am hungry, I will drink water in place of eating food, will that do?
If I am thirsty, I’ll just eat the food and skip water will this do?
Food and water both are required to suffice the different needs which complement each other inside the body so we cannot compare creams and oils with each other because none can suffice the need for the other.

What’s The Difference Between Oil And Creams.

Difference-Oils & Creams
Difference-Oils & Creams

1) The molecules of oil are larger than the molecules of cream.
2) The oil seals the moisture of the skin.
3) Cream in any form, moisturizer massage cream, sunscreen, night cream any type of cream gives water-based moisture to the skin and to some extent oil too.
4) If oil is a career oil, its properties can be enhanced by adding essential oils to it. Few good herbs can be added to the oil and if cooked together it can also enhance the properties of the oil but the end result would always be Oil.
5)No oil can deliver water-based moisture to the skin.
6)How Is A Cream Made?
Cream is Lipid, water, and oil.
Lipids – Beeswax & Emulsifying wax.
Water-Distilled Water.
Oils- Carrier Oils & Essential Oils.

Essential Oils
Essential Oils

To the distilled water a group of herbs is added. This mixture is cooked over the flame to extract out the nutrients from herbs in a concentrated form. To this Decoction oils and fats are added and cooked till they mix and acquire a creamy form. Oil and water mix due to emulsion.
The decoction is prepared to target a specific problem. This is how the end result as a cream gets most effective to cure a particular problem like Acne, Pigmentation, Dark Circles, Thin Skin, Enlarged Pores, Clogged Pores, Flat Pores, Blackheads, Sunburns, Thin/Dull, Tanned Skin, etc. 
The carrier oils and essential oils, minerals, vitamins are added keeping the problem in mind.

Juvena Herbals’ Lavender Camphor Moisturiser, Rose Almond Moisturiser, Sunscreen, Derma Base, Conditioning mask, Rice Milk Protein Conditioner, Black Rose pack, Aha Gold Pack, Anjeer Aloe Vera Pack, Gold Saffron Cream, Haldi-Kesar, Body Massage Cream, Fruit Cream, and many more products are good examples of herbal Decoction and Emulsion.
So through a cream, you can get both oil and water-based moisture. The cream formulation can be loaded with active ingredients.

Facial Skin Pores
Facial Skin Pores

7) The cells on facial skin are small in size. So pores on facial skin are small. The molecules of creams are smaller. This aspect makes creams effective if prepared with a specific purpose.
At night you can apply oil only after applying a Moisturiser or a Night Cream.
The other way to apply both is by adding 3-4 drops of recommended oil to Night Cream.  By doing so less quantity of oil delivers more results with cream.
If you apply oil after the application of the cream, then you are immensely benefitted.
The cream provides maximum water base moisture to the skin and oil does not let moisture evaporate from the skin. Oil seals in the moisture. 
So during the entire night without losing the moisture the damages in the skin are repaired more effectively and quickly by the night cream and also by the skin itself.

8) Our Facial Skin is thin with small pores.
Our Body Skin is thick with Large Pores.
Oil repairs body skin effectively when it comes to curing its dryness. 

Body skin is always dry.

When it comes to applying a Body Wrap/Pack at Juvena, at the end of Russian Bath we apply saffron plaster all over the body beneath the Aniseed/BlackRose/Combo Body Pack. While our clients apply the body packs independently back home, we always recommend them to apply Beauty Oil/ Spa-Silk Oil/Body Massage cream beneath.

The intention behind this is not to let the pack dry on body skin before 20 minutes. As our body skin is dry any pack dries on it too quickly without delivering the nutrients in it. If we apply some effective emulation or effective oil beneath the Body Pack, the active ingredients in Body Pack get absorbed into the skin and deliver most to repair and nourish the body skin. The active ingredients in cream and oil to gel with the nutrients of Body Pack and the effectiveness boosts. 
The Body Pack does not dry till 20 minutes. Hence every application improves the results.



Apply Pack Above Oil
Apply Pack Above Oil

On dry skins, pack always dry up much before the recommended time. Hence their active ingredients cannot work much to repair the damages. The dry skin is always devoid of oil and water-based moistures. Hence the packs dry too quickly on them and make them more dehydrated and wrinkled, hampering the purpose.
The skin under the eyes, on the neck, is also very thin. The application of oil on dry and thin skins serves as big support and boosts the repair.
A child’s skin is thin till 5-6 yrs of age. Application of oil on regular basis for massage or application of Ubtan makes it healthier, beautiful, and strong.
This is one very important reason why oil should be applied before applying Juvena Herbals’ Royal Bridal Ubtan or Bridal Ubtan. Some clients say that oil is more effective than cream. This comparison will seem baseless to them now. Both are equally great. 
If you are fond of very thick oils like Castor or flaxseed oil then definitely you are going to invite problems like hair fall, scalp build-up, dandruff, enlarged pores, oily skin, blackheads, crusty skin, and many more. The big molecules of these oils leave their residue even after wiping. So their residue triggers skin and hair problems.
Always apply oil with small molecules and several active ingredients.

If this information clears all your doubts regarding creams and oils and you find it worth following do leave a message in the comment box. ❤️

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