In the earlier Part 1 Blog ALL ABOUT ETIOLOGY OF EXCORIATED ACNE & PITS – PART 1 , we discussed and understood:

• The problem of acne scars.

• The cause and effect of excoriation of acne.

• The after-effects of bursting the acne, and

• Why you must never Excoriate acne but let it heal on its own?

In this part of the blog, we will discuss how to give your skin a natural Dermabrasive effect whenever you get scars.

Scars formation on the skin implies that vitamin C, collagen, and vitamin B12 in that region have been destroyed, along with zinc, calcium, magnesium, and supporting minerals that are deficient in supply.

Natural Dermabrasive Effect via Macro and Micronutrients

Firstly, you need to know that the natural Dermabrasive effect will come into play only gradually once the skin starts getting all these micro and macronutrients in:

• Subtle but sufficient quantities over time, and

• In a form in which the skin recognizes them

Secondly, the skin will recognize these nutrients only when they get made in:

• Natural emulsion form and,

• Supportive to the pH of the skin, i.e., 4.5 to 5.5.

Ingredients made in this manner will not only be recognized by the skin but also will be effective and beneficial for your skin.

Applying Nutrient-Rich Packs For The Prescribed Time Duration

• The prerequisite for choosing emulsions is that they should be in natural forms and made by dissolving together water and lipids.

• Once applied, the natural emulsion should stay on your skin for 10-12 minutes or even 15-20 minutes.

It takes time for your skin to absorb the subtle quantities of micro and macronutrients and can take anywhere from 12 to 20 minutes. The application time duration varies from pack to pack and depends on how long its active ingredients can stay and continue to work on your skin.

Drying packs over the skin, rubbing, and scrubbing over the pack while washing them escalate the problem causing further trauma to your skin. Avoid these acts.

Hence, the fixed application time of any pack can be determined and decided only by a skilled and efficient cosmetologist. Cosmetology is the study of advanced cosmetic chemistry to formulate a perfect preparation for skin & Hair health and to solve skin and hair disorders.

If a Cosmetologist is an Esthetician too, then she or he will do justice to their duty while trying to solve skin or hair-related problems.

Juvena Herbals, driven by an expert cosmetologist and a Team of expert Estheticians, brings you the best products and consultation services for your skincare.

Juvena Herbals Recommends These For Getting Natural Dermabrasive Effect

In sync with our purpose of delivering a natural Dermabrasive effect, we recommend two Juvena’s products for you from the Juvena Herbals’ skincare range.

1. Brightening (Whitening) Mask

Brightening Mask, made using red kelp algae, has an intrinsic quality to naturally deliver a cool temperature to your facial skin for up to 15 minutes. The skin remains numb when the mask is on, and it is this numbness that helps to heal the skin scars very quickly. The skin pores constrict until the mask is off and the skin temperature restores to ambient, with the temperature variation significantly enhancing the blood flow. Brightening Mask also has large amounts of extracts from the tea tree and green tea, Seaweeds. Their antioxidants eliminate the free radicals which cause extensive damage to your skin.

Similarly, the Marrow Beauty Pack also adheres to a similar line of treatment. It has all the nutrients to provide a uniform and sustained cooling to the skin for 12 minutes.

2. Marrow Beauty Pack

The Marrow Beauty Pack ingredients include Samudraphena, calcium and magnesium minerals, mint, thyme, and two water-soluble vitamins – B and C. Application of the Marrow Pack to your skin in the morning and evening for 12 minutes helps rebuild the original collagen.

Note that your skin did make the collagen in the area where the scar had formed, healed, and was free of blemish. However, that collagen would not have matched your old or original collagen at birth. Due to this, the colour of your skin differs from the original. Aside, the region is a bit hollow or shallow as well.

Your skin can rebuild collagen matching the original only when it receives all the nutrients – vitamin C, vitamin B12, calcium, and magnesium minerals in recognizable form. This way, your skin can recognize, digest, and rebuild your original collagen.

When you follow this method of Juvena Herbals, you will get the best natural Dermabrasive effect with both these products.

To apply these two products you need to fit them into a regimen that will be customized for you by keeping Cleansing, Hydration, Protection, and Healing in Consideration.

For the above steps/effects, which products would be suitable for you will be decided by our experts once you send an unfiltered pic of yours to our WhatsApp number.

The Learning So Far

  •  It is clear that you must never excoriate acne but let it heal on its own.
  • You can ensure that acne formation never occurs if you pay attention to your gut health and follow a disciplined skin cleansing routine.
  • We have explained above the activation of the natural Dermabrasive effect.
  • We have explained the technique for emulsion choice and application.
  • Suggested two Juvena Herbals’ products – Brightening Mask and Marrow Pack for the best natural Dermabrasive effect results.

In the next and last part of the blog, we will share with you a unique Juvena’s client experience of the natural Dermabrasive effect. Stay tuned!

Part 3 Of This Series Is Coming Soon!

Stay Tuned For More Such Info!

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