Skin Microbiome: How Can You Help Your Skin Develop Good Bacteria

Know what skin microbiome is and understand the role of pre, pro-biotics and post-biotics for healthy skin.

Right from the time life started on this planet almost all the living organisms, including human beings, have been hosts to the micro-organisms i.e. microbiome. We have been doing justice to our skin microbiome, gut and brain microbiome ever since our birth. But we did so without being aware of it. Now if you know what exactly skin microbiome is, we will definitely take proper care of it and that in turn will keep the youthful, plumping effect over our skin intact. Not only this but also our immunity will get boosted and this healthy skin microbiome can prevent us from acquiring psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, eczema, acne, dandruff, IBS, urticaria, viral infections, bacterial infections, fungal infections.

Well amongst the above-mentioned ailments, many are gut and brain related too. Yes! There is a deeper connection between your brain, gut and skin and hence the gut microbiome affects the skin microbiome, brain microbiome to gut microbiome. While curing the skin disorders the holistic measures deliver successful results because of this affectionate connection between brain, gut and skin.

This connection is so deep that if you suffer continuously from anxiety, your stomach gets upset and acne, rashes start showing up on your skin. Not only this but also auto-immune disorder like Psoriasis can be controlled by Abhyangam. Abhyangam is Ayurvedic body massage done by applying Therapeutic oils which affects digestion positively, calms the brain and then controls the skin Psoriasis. So, the binding thread of these three vital organs is Microbiome. Understand it well to maximise its health.

When we talk about skin microbiome, we should also understand what is microbiome and the importance of pre, pro-biotics and post-biotics.


Skin is the host to trillions of micro-organisms and their genes. The micro-organisms benefit the skin by keeping a protective barrier over it which does not let any pathogen permeate the skin causing damage to inside health.

The fatty acids/Ceramides are the glue in each cell of the skin and also between the cellular space. These Ceramides work at their best because of this healthy skin microbiome and does not let the skin lose its essential moisture. With age, the ceramides deplete and also the skin microbiome deteriorate in its health. Constant supply of ceramides topically to the skin with good pre- and pro-biotics can maintain this equilibrium till late age. The range of topical applications of pre- and pro-biotics is post-biotics.

The variety of micro-organisms which reside over the skin vary from each area depending upon the atmosphere of that particular area. For example Facial skin, body skin, skin under the Armpits, over the arms, elbows legs, feet are different in nature and so their atmosphere too differs.

What exactly is variety of micro-organisms?

Bacteria, fungi, viruses, protozoas and other micro-organisms living together in a symbolic manner. this symbiosis is microbiota.


These are essential feeds of these micro-organisms/bacteria. Greens, beans, roots, seeds, stems, leaves, fruits AHAs and BHAs are some of the examples of edible and skin pre-biotics.


These are the good bacteria eaten and applied through fermented food and formulations. Curds, idlis, dhokla, bread, kefir and enzymes are the examples of edible and skin probiotics.

When we apply herbal formulations over our skin they serve as pre and probiotics. They should be skin’s Ph supportive. When we get inclined to chemical peels, bleach, facial wax, facial steam, d-tan, hair colour, harsh hair chemical treatments we disrupt this beneficial Microbiome.

Overuse of facewash, retinoids, skin thinning ointments, antibiotics over the skin damage your skin microbiome. To get it back requires years of hard work over the skin.

As I said in the beginning that you have been supporting your skin microbiome without knowing about it, now that you know about it, you should not damage it.


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