1- What is the role of collagen in our body and why it is so important ?
2- Why does this deplete with age ?
 3- How can one ensure this is increased ?
4- What kind of collagen products are available ?
 5- Are collagen supplements safe ?
6- My high resolution Pictures . Collagen is a Greek word.

“Colla” means glue. So this is a structural protein which binds tissues and organs. Structural proteins maintain cell shape and compose connective tissues like cartilage and bones in vertebrates. Collagen provides strength and structure within body. It holds the cells of the body together.

 In skin, collagen is synthesized in the dermis layer which is known as true skin. 90% of our skin’s thickness comes from Dermis. This layer has oil glands, sweat glands, nerves, blood vessels. Collagen helps support all of these elements. Dermal health is very much dependant on collagen. If your body and skin produce ample amount of collagen till late age your posture, energy never show defects or slow down your knees remains stronger and bone density remains perfect. Skin never wrinkles, never looses it’s radiance and youthful glow, complexion with ample amount of collagen being synthesized in it.

But the research says that collagen starts depleting from age 25-30. Every year it depletes by 1% .

Depletion of collagen is a natural process. UV exposure, pollution, smoking, bad/poor food habits by choice, poor gut health, poor sleep habits are many factors responsible for reducing collagen synthesis. While reduction of collagen is possible, it is definitely possible to reverse it.

Our ancestors believed in disciplined lifestyle and good food habits. The depletion of collagen can be controlled by having a look at their Lifestyles.

1- As you grow older the collagen and Human Growth Hormone starts diminishing. But if you boost your Human Growth Hormone content, collagen production will increase and this will lead to increased muscle mass, healthy, strong tendons, glowing skin. Take care of your circadian rhythm /sleep cycle to increase your HGH. HGH is released when you are in deep sleep. You must spend 8-9 hours sleeping at stretch for its peak production.

 2- Leave eating processed carbohydrates but do not avoid wheat for gluten. Gluten is a protein, if taken in ample quantity regularly will help boost collagen synthesis. Wheat gluten is a good protein and a natural source of vitamin E which our ancestors ate and stayed healthy.

 3- Milk and Ghee both are animal products. Ayurveda charyas recommend consumption of 6- 8 tablespoons of ghee all throughout the day once you reach 40. For digesting it avoid other heavy meals and eat slightly less to let your body digest this amount of Ghee. If not 6 tablespoons, we can consume 3 tablespoons of Ghee in 2 parts.

4- Body massage for regulating sleep and improving digestion is another step to increase collagen production. By incorporating Body massage and Facial skin massage you take a major step towards being holistic for betterment of collagen.

 5- Dates, Almonds, Raisins, Walnut, Anjeer (Figs), Cashew are sources for good anti-oxidants, zinc, omega-3, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin C. These all are collagen making components.

6- Green leafy vegetables, fresh citrus fruits are good sources for Vitamin C, flaveroids, vitamin E and calcium.

 7- Legumes are great sources of minerals and proteins. Chickpeas are rich in vitamin C and zinc. You can rely on them for rebuilding collagen in your body and skin.

 8- Keeping the skin hydrated, nourished, moisturized, protected and also taking timely care to cure all the damages done to the skin due to age and exposure will maintain collagen account of the skin. If at all you want to stay young forever, avoid bleaching your skin and hair coloring, chemically treating your hair, using the skin thinning ointments, likewarm water, sitting under the sun.

 9- To maintain the perfect collagen synthesis in your skin you must know about very important aspect of wrinkles.

 Our expressions create dynamic wrinkles which turn to static wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles are temporary but if not taken care of right in the beginning, the collagen starts depleting from those areas faster and then these lines become static, i.e. permanent wrinkles caused due to extreme depletion of collagen. The condition is irreversible. Facial exercises are in vogue these days. They are the biggest cause behind dynamic wrinkles. Protect your skin from UVA, UVB rays, wear thick and large goggles, sleep straight most of the night. Avoid sleeping with your palm over the forehead, putting your hand under your cheek, over the pillow while sleeping. Many such habits are capable in giving you dynamic wrinkles.

 At our center, our clients come asking for collagen packs, collagen drinks. There are many collagen powders, drinks available in the market. I advise all my clients to eat collagen making components from animal and plant sources and follow collagen building procedures for beautifying skin. Application of very good herbs with collagen making components over facial and body skin have successfully given results to almost all the clients. When we try to solve a problem naturally by putting right efforts we can solve the targeted problem successfully and also few problems associated with the main problem get solved. Likewise eating collagen directly and applying collagen may have some unintended consequences or no effect at all.

 Our Base line for DNA is far more different than those belonging to western countries. Follow everything which helped your ancestors live a happy, healthy life as our DNA matches only theirs.

 By incorporating the holistic approach as discussed above gradually after 12 to 16 months you will start getting sound sleep, even if you fall sick you will recover faster. Suddenly you will realize that the frequent cramps, pain in the ankles, fatigued feeling and stressed mind have become problems of the past. Bleeding gums are no longer bothering you. Hollow sunken eyes, uneven skin tone, hyper pigmentation, glow less face, fine lines will be seen diminishing. You will be more energetic and happy. These would be only few hints amongst many to mention that the collagen in your body and skin has started rebuilding.

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