Body Firmness & Complexion Enhancement

In Ayurveda, some of the natural ingredients as well as the brightening herbs are known as Varnya herbs or radiance enhancing herbs. These varnya herbs works in balancing Pitta dosha, which is highly responsible for the manifestation of the colour in your upper layer of the skin (Avabhasini in Ayurveda). These herbs contain effective phytochemicals, which positively influences the functions of skin and provides essentials nutrients necessary for a healthy and glowing skin.
Juvenal herbal beauty salon helps you in achieving the texture you want for your face as well as for your body through our renowned firmness treatment in Gorakhpur. Our aim is not only to enhance and whiten your skin and body tone, but also maintaining it for a longer period of time.


    Services We Offer

    Glow Packs

    Our Glow packs gets easily absorbed into the skin and possesses skin tightening effect with ingredients like fruit enzymes and essential oils of sandal. The extracts of orange helps in adding glow to the skin by lightening the skin tone

    All Purpose Creams

    The herbal ingredients like- rose, orange and aloevera helps in elimination pigmentation form the skin, ashwagandha, papaya and tulsi effectively works on the patchy skin, shatpushpa, borax, glycerine, and emulsifying wax adds glow to the skin.

    Anti-Tan Creams

    This herbal product is a highly acclaimed organic recipe of Juvena Herbals. The presence of cashew serves as an excellent remedy for tan and acne. Zinc helps in extinguishing the black heads from the skin as well as closes open pores.

    Even Toning Creams

    Juvena’s enzymatic mask contains papaya’s papain, apple’s malic, with yogurt powder that effectively helps in toning the skin evenly.It’s a pre- facial mask that helps in increasing the effect of the facial.