Juvena Herbals is a result-oriented, herbal, genuine and all-natural skin, hair and body care brand which is deeply rooted in India’s ancient herbal science and Ayurveda.

Juvena Herbals – as a product formulator- believes that only the selection of adequate herbs is not enough to offer holistic care solutions, but also the knowledge of the right ratios in which herbs should be mixed, the correct method of application and the duration of application together make any product effective.

Juvena’s 30 years of immense experience in scientific beauty treatments and selfless service to every single client have earned them fame and popularity all over India.
Juvena Herbals has over 20 Lakhs satisfied clients all over the country.

Today, Juvena is known for its unique service of offering absolutely FREE of COST CONSULTATIONS to everyone and Lifelong WhatsApp Support to all its clients.

Juvena’s effective, natural, pocket-friendly, high-quality products are some aspects that people can’t stop raving about.

Their emphasise on science-backed, myth-busting skincare and haircare and hard work are the key reasons that they have emerged as leaders in the Beauty and Wellness Industry.

Herbal skin care products improve skin texture, tone and appearance owing to the presence of nutrients required to enrich overall skin health.

“Our clinical treatments based on ayurvedic concepts, performed by well- trained aestheticians and specialists help extensively in dealing with diversified skin and hair related problems”, says Mrs. Medha Singh, CEO of Juvena Herbals Pvt. Ltd., Aesthetician & a Cosmetologist.

She, along with her strong team, has been serving society with her tremendous experience in Ayurveda, Beauty therapies and regimens and her clients vouch for it!

Our Clinical Treatment

Juvena also offers clinical treatments that are totally based on infallible scientific and ayurvedic concepts (Physiology, anatomy, myology, lymphatic drainage, dermatology, and digestive system). (Physiology, anatomy, myology, lymphatic drainage, dermatology, and digestive system). We are able to stretch and carry our excellence by centralizing our process on the three golden principles of our company, working-:

  • Of The People
  • By The Nature
  • For The Well-Being

Juvena Herbals has contributed tremendously in reviving and re-introducing the potentiality of natural and ayurvedic herbs for your all diversified skin and hair problems. We are the essence of purity that rejuvenates your life Herbally. Our team of over 100 members and increasing are well-trained beauticians who have a prodigious sense of beauty treatments & applications. With the blend of nature, expertise, and dedication, we have been able to generate the best herbal products possessing infinitude utility.


To be a leading manufacturer and supplier of natural, organic and ayurvedic beauty care products, to encapsulate our herbal presence with the aim to serve the society naturally at marginal pricesTo revive the authenticity of the nature by reaching every home naturally.


Our core vision and aim is to offer people the enchanting touch of natural herbs and Ayurveda that helps them in curbing their diversified problems, that too naturally. Thus to strive even harder in developing herbal beauty, skin and hair care products & to establish ourselves as the leading Herbal care products manufacturer in the country.

What Our Happy Customers say



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