Nail Art & Extension

Don’t let your unending stress take away the pride in your hands. Your nails deserve a little love and care, give them both at Juvena Herbals’ beauty salon and experience the best nail art in Gorakhpur. We are all set to pamper your nails with manicures, pedicures, and the most beautiful nail extension in Gorakhpur.

 Nothing can bring a dazzling finish to your look than elegantly glammed-up nails that sparkle and shine just like your personality. Clean designs, indulgent care, and gorgeous styles – that is what you get at Juvena Herbals’ beauty salon, one of the hippest places in town for the modern, independent, trend-setter Gorakhpur girl. Book an appointment to get the best nail art in Gorakhpur and some pampering and care as our stylists deck up your fingers with glitter and glam while you chat, laugh, relax and enjoy at Juvena Herbals’ beauty salon. 

Nail Art

Get amazed with the best nail art in Gorakhpur along with designs that are latest in trend like Short Nails, Ombre Designs, Jewel Nail Art, Glitter Nail Designs, Neon Nails, Nude Nails, Gel Nail Art, and much more.

Nail Extension

If you never managed to grow your nails naturally no worries at all as we provide the best nail extension in Gorakhpur. Get the perfect shape for your nails in no time at our salon to flaunt every day.


Besides providing unmatched nail extension in Gorakhpur, we offer the perfect manicure experiences from highly trained experts and beauticians who perform trimming, buffing, shaping of nails and cuticles, and polish.


Pedicure is like a vacation for your feet, give it one with Juvena Herbals’ beauty salon, where nail art in Gorakhpur can be enjoyed after a relaxing pedicure to make your feet all set for the nail art and nail extension.