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Juvena Herbals, a name synonymous with Ayurveda since last 30 years. Juvena Herbals is a restorative herbal beauty brand that works on the teachings of Ayurveda which empowers to create simple and natural products providing unmatched beauty and confidence. Mrs. Medha Singh, CEO of Juvena Herbals Pvt. Ltd., Aesthetician & Cosmetologist has been serving society with her tremendous experience in Ayurveda, Beauty therapies and regimes. Our clinical treatments based on ayurvedic concepts performed by well- trained aestheticians and specialists help extensively in dealing with diversified skin and hair related problems.

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Hello everyone, The weekend is finally here. In India, the festivities have already begun. We celebrated Dussehra here yesterday and Diwali is almost around the corner. Everyone is busy shopping getting the cleaning work done etc. It never ends, isn't it? And women and our skin and hair care. It has been almost 3 years … Continue reading JUVENA HERBALS’ 24K GOLD CLEANSER REVIEW


1- What is the role of collagen in our body and why it is so important ?2- Why does this deplete with age ? 3- How can one ensure this is increased ?4- What kind of collagen products are available ? 5- Are collagen supplements safe ?6- My high resolution Pictures . Collagen is a Greek word. … Continue reading COLLAGEN

Shampoo Myths

In this insightful conversation with Mrs. Medha Singh – an adept aesthetician, nutritionist, herbal beauty expert, and CEO of the popular herbal beauty brand  “Juvena Herbals”; we uncover 4 prevalent shampoo myths, and dive deep into the do’s and don’ts of shampooing. I pay my thanks to shampoo for refreshing me always because you know … Continue reading Shampoo Myths