Weight Loss

Being overweight often dents your confidence and in cases of obesity, there are much higher chances of serious health risks such as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. Juvena Herbals has 28 years of experience in weight loss treatments. It provides top world-class solutions that will definitely help you shed excess weight and further attain a slimmer silhouette. Juvena Herbals highly trained staff will holistically analyze your whole body using appropriate scientific procedure and would come up with an effective weight loss program that would suit you.

Juvena’s weight loss center in Gorakhpur offers the best weight loss programs and treatments that are surprisingly enjoyable and highly effective as they are loaded with technical as well as organic benefits that make you feel and look good. All the therapies and treatments are executed under the supervision of Mrs. Medha Singh.

Services We Offer

Electric Muscle

Power up your weak muscles with an Electric Muscle Stimulator, for an extra boost in strength and tone.

Infrared Body

Wrap yourself in the warmth of Infrared technology, as it helps detoxify, rejuvenate, and sculpt your body.

Vacuum Therapy

This therapy helps in increasing the blood flow in the body which breaks the bonds of cellulite band further eliminates it

Weight Loss Massage

A weight loss massage can help you in effectively following your weight loss regimen without feeling tired or overworked.