Hair Care

Hairstyle by Juvena Herbals is the best hair salon in Gorakhpur. There are a lot of things which matter in an excellent look and one thing which steps up the excellence of each lady of the hour to be is an amazing hairstyle. If you are searching for the best hair specialist in Gorakhpur then, Juvena Herbal beauty salon is the most appropriate for you. Our hairstylists is a one-stop answer for all your hair care needs and necessities and has a group of high-gifted craftsmen who have confidence in offering the best hair treatment in Gorakhpur.


Services Required

Keratin Treatment

This treatment can transform hair from being curly to smooth, straight hair. The basic keratin smoothing treatment also provides shine and silky tresses that lasts up to for up to six months.

Scalp Treatment

Juvena’s scalp treatment can be done for people with oily scalp or those with dry flaky patches. Having a healthy scalp is the basic element to have healthy hair.

Essential Oil Treatments

– Juvena’s hair treatment is one of the most popular treatments when clients want instantaneous shine and seal the hair cuticle. This results in transformation of silky hair that looks and feels smooth and well-nourished.

Hair Detox Treatment

Hair detox treatment clears the entire hair shaft and also improves overall hair as well as scalp health to encourage hair growth. A hair detox will also cleanse and remove impurities that cause it to lack the shine and lushness.