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Adaptogenic Rose Serum with HA & Vitamin C

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Juvena Herbals Adaptogenic Rose Serum, which by its name makes it clear that it is suitable for males and females as well as for all skin types except acne-prone skin. The Serum is enriched with Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil, Bakuchi Oil- Which is a plant source of vitamin a, Vitamin c, & HA – Collagen Making Component, Wheatgerm, and distilled rose petal extracts. Its antioxidant properties prevent the damage done by free radicals.

Indications: Inflamed, Dehydrated, thin, oily skin, open pores, Tanned, sensitive, Normal, combination skin conditions. It is an adaptogen. Hence it is for all types of Skins except Acne prone. This serum keeps the hydration level perfect all day long as it has HA & vitamin A from Babuchi Oil, vitamin C enhances the protective properties of Moisturiser, Sunscreen, and Night cream. Its antioxidant properties prevent the damage done by free radicals. Can be used as an effective aftershave. 

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Ingredients (in mL to make 100mL): Active serums extracted from Rose - 4.5, Jojoba, Lavender – 3.5, Almond – 4 and Babuchi - 3, with Vitamin C – 3.5 and Hyaluronic A- 2.5 and AHA - 2, Distilled Water – Q.S.
Method of use:
  • After cleansing and following a daily skin care regimen, spray Rose serum.
  • Pat it Gently into Skin and apply moisturizer followed by Sunscreen.
  • Do not forget to apply moisturizer while skin is still damp.
  • Spray the serum at Night after your recommended skin care regimen.
  • Apply Moisturizer/ Night cream while skin is still damp.
  • Before applying any Make-up, spray this serum on your skin followed by Moisturizer to give a hydrating & protective layer to skin beneath Make-up.