Anti Ageing Kit

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Products Included:

1) Marigold cleanser
2) Gold Saffron Massage Cream
3) AHA Gold Glow Pack
4) Anjeer Aloe Vera pack
5) Argan Oil
6) Brightening Mask
7) Rose Serum
8) Sunscreen
9) Lavender Camphor Moisturizer

If you are desirous of reversing your ageing skin to firm,Glowing, Clear skin with perfect younger looking facial shape then this would be a perfect solution for you.


1) Clean skin with Marigold Cleanser.

Apply Marigold Cleanser with dry finger tips and spread gently. Do not massage over the cleanser. Wipe it gently with moist cotton swab.

2) Apply Gold Saffron Massage Cream in good quantity and massage gently with wet finger tips. Use water for moistening finger tips. Massage for 5-7 minutes.

Wipe the cream with moist cotton swab.

3) Apply Anjeer Aloe Vera Pack around the eyes, over the lips and on Neck.

Over rest of the face apply Aha Gold Glow Pack. Add few drops of water to the thick Aha Gold Glow pack before applying.

Leave both the packs for 15 minutes.

Wash gently with normal tap water in all seasons without rubbing over the pack.

Wipe face with a soft towel.

4) Apply Argan oil all over Face and Neck and leave overnight.

Before applying Argan oil clean with Marigold cleanser in the evening again.

5) Apply Brightening mask once in a week after massaging the skin with Gold Saffron Massage Cream.

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 For transitional results you need few products to complete the regimen.

DayTime after washing the pack

1)Spray Rose Serum all over face and neck.

2)Apply Lavender Camphor Moisturiser over neck, around the eyes.

3)Apply sunscreen.

4) Dermabase- Treatment Foundation.


After cleansing with Marigold cleanser:

1)Spray Rose Serum all over face and neck.

2)Apply Lavender Camphor Moisturiser all over face and neck.

Before going to bed apply Argan oil.