Apricot Scrub

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The walnut and fruit enzyme exfoliates the skin deeply which removes dead cells and dirt from the core. The enzymes increase blood circulation which further helps in retaining moisture as well as adds glow to the skin. Fruit enzymes of apricot, papaya and orange remove pimples and cure blemished skin, making it smooth, clear and brightening. 

For dull, sunburnt, crusty, rough, and blemished skin. Improves blood circulation, closes open pores, and retains moisture to keep the skin glowing throughout. A non-comedogenic product. 

Ingredients (in grams to make 100 grams): Aloe vera - 5, Walnut - 3, Papaya - 5, Orange essential oil - 3, Witch hazel – 3, Emulsifying wax – Q.S, Distilled water - 20, Liquid Paraffin - 10, Stearic A – 1.5, SPAN-60 - 5, KOH -1, and Preservative – Q.S.
Method of use:
  • Apply all over face, neck, and other exposed areas. Leave for 15 minutes.
  • Rub in circular motion with moist fingertips for 1 minute. Wash.
  • Use after every exposure to pollution or twice a week.
  • Use as advised by the expert.
  • Within few applications, skin becomes clear and glowing.