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Juvena’s formula of Body Massage Cream is ideal for dry, lifeless, and sunburnt skin. Its lemon oil helps in de-tanning the dark body areas which are exposed to the sun. Suhaga, madhumor, and emulsifying wax cure dry skin. Turmeric essential oil and distilled water activate your skin and remove dullness. Apply on the complete body or desired areas, rest for 5 minutes, gently moisten with a fingertip for 2-3 minutes, and within a week witness a soft, smooth, and glowing body.

Indications: For dry, lifeless, and sunburnt body skin. Uneven skin tone of arms and body. Also used for dull skin.

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Ingredients (in grams to make 100 grams): Tera Merita - 10, Lemon essential oil - 1, Orange essential oil -2, Suhaga - 5, Emulsifying wax - 20, Turmeric essential oil, Stearic A - 15, Tween – 3, Distilled water – 65/Q.S, Olive Oil -10 and Preservative -Q.S.
Method of use:
  • Apply on complete body. Leave for 5 minutes.
  • Moisten fingertipsin water and gently massage the complete body for 2-3 minutes.
  • Take bath and apply Lavender Camphor Moisturizer.
  • Use as advised by the expert.
  • Within a week’s time people noticed soft, smooth, and glowing body skin.