Bridal Ubtan

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Juvena’s Bridal Ubtan takes off the deposition of dead cells from the core of the skin with wheat flour, ama harida and dari haldi. The ingredients like –kesar, elaichi and jaiphal help in improving blood circulation, complexion, and add moisture to the body's skin. The luxury element of kaju and badam clear tanning and double colouration of the skin.

 Indication: This Bridal Ubtan takes our deposition of dead cells from depth, improves blood circulation, moisturises body skin, clears tanning and uneven skin tone. Very Good for children and BRIDES TO BE.


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Ingredients (in grams to make 100gm): Wheat – Q.S., Sorghum - 10, Turmeric powder - 5, Saffron - 2, Jaiphal -2, Cardamom - 2, Almonds - 16, Liquorice Root Extract - 5, Coconut butter - 5, Almond oil - 10, and Preservative – Q.S.
  • Before applying bridal ubtan clean skin with Marigold Cleanser for better results. For children, apply Juvena Herbal’s Beauty oil before applying Ubtan.
  • Take 2-3 teaspoons of ubtan, add a bit of milk and bread slice to it, make paste and apply on your body.
  • Once semi dry, scrub it out with moistened fingertips.
  • Take bath and apply Lavender Camphor Moisturiser.
  • Use as advised by the expert.
  • Within few weeks people saw 70% improvement in their complexion.