Natural Algae Brightening Mask

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Juvena’s brightening mask is intended for all types of skin whether dark/ Asiatic or white. It is a herbal peel-off brightening mask that possesses the positivity of curing skin pigmentation. The presence of an anti-oxidant neutralizes the free radicals that further help in slowing the skin maturing process. Its moisturizing and firming power makes it a strong brightening mask.

Videos Of Brightening (Whitening) Mask 


Ingredients (in grams to make 100 grams): Kelp Extract-10, Green Tea Extracts–10, Seaweed extracts-10, Aloe Vera extracts-10, Rice -10, Carbowax – 30, Preservatives – Q.S.
Method of Use:
  • Clean skin with recommended cleanser.
  • Apply either Enzymatic Mask or Chocowrap, as recommended by the expert.
  • Massage with Recommended massage cream.
  • Apply Brightening Mask by adding Seaweed Gel and Water.
  • Apply one of the following, as recommended by the expert: AHA Marine Pack, Anjeer Aloe vera pack, AHA Gold, Marrow Mint Pack.