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This herbal product is a highly acclaimed organic recipe of Juvena Herbals. The presence of cashew serves as an excellent remedy for tan and acne. Zinc helps in extinguishing the blackheads from the skin as well as closing open pores. The anti-blemishing and whitening properties are provided by the blend of lemon grass and orange, minerals lighten the skin and vitamin C provides immunity against infections. Apply all over the face and neck and rest till it completely dries, wash with water.


Indications Of Cashew Pack

Highly acclaimed recipe of Juvena Herbals. Cashew pack has excellent anti-tan, anti-acne properties. It helps in removing black heads, closes open pores. Gives your skin anti-blemish, fresh and lightening effect. It also boosts your skin’s immunity against infections.

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Ingredients (in gms to make 100 gms): Zinc-5, Lemon grass essential oil-1, Orange oil-0.5, Cashew-10, Cardamom-10, Honey-25, Olive Oil- Q.S., Tween-2, Preservatives-Q.S.
Method of Use:
  • Clean skin with Juvena’s Apricot scrub or Mint Cleanser. Apply cashew pack all over face and neck (except under-eyes area).
  • Leave it for 15 minutes. Wash with running water.
  • Those with oily skin, having sun exposure, can use daily. Others can use it twice a week.