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The chocowap of Juvena is filled with organic and herbal extracts like cocoa, chocolate and madhu mom helps in curing sunburns. Sugarcane extracts curb melanoderma on arms, back or any part of the body. Black cardamom, honey and vitamin E improve body complexion. Mostly witnessed double colouration of arms and sun-exposed areas is cured by the herbs like – raisins and pistachio. 

Indications: Cures sunburns, melanoderma on arms, back or on any part of the body. Improves body complexion. Cures old blemishes, double colouration of arms, dark armpits, dark inner thighs, rough body surface and lifeless facial skin.

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Ingredients (in grams to make 100 grams): Chocolate - 5, Cocoa powder – 3.7, Mulethi – 1.25, Wheat Germ - 1, Coffee Seed – 0.5, Camphor – 0.5, Stearic A – 6.25, KOH – 0.37, Tween – 3.7, Yashadh Bhasm, Liquorice – 1.25, Sugarcane, Olive oil – 30, Propylene glycol, Madhumom – 3.7, Emulsifying wax - 25, Distilled water – 20, and Preservative – Q.S.
Method of use:
  • Clean skin, apply on affected area. Wash after 15 minutes with normal tap water.
  • Apply royal bridal ubtan for 5 minutes. Scrub out very gently with moistened fingertips.
  • Wash with normal tap water and apply Lavender Camphor Moisturizer.
  • Use as advised by the expert.
  • This pack gives you back what time has taken away.