Coconut Shampoo

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Other shampoos may have harsh ingredient like sodium lauryl sulphate(shampoo containing sodium lauryl sulfate are transparent), which cleans the scalp and hair properly but damage the hair and root by sucking extra sebum from them and also break the acid mantle(ph balance) of the scalp making it open for the bacterial infections. Juvena’s Coconut shampoo supports the ph balance of the scalp and cleanses the scalp and hair without making them dry.

Indications: For dry, lifeless hair. Mid-length breakage problems. Retains moisturising effect of dry hair. Coconut extract naturally conditions the hair. 

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Ingredients (in grams to make 100 grams): Coconut extracts -10, S.L.E.S. -40, Cocodi -20, NaCl – 0.2, Distilled water- Q.S., Propylene glycol - 2, and Preservative -Q.S..
Method of use:
  • Apply on wet hair, rub the scalp gently.
  • Then apply on the shaft, rub gently. Wash under running water. Repeat.
  • Use as advised by the expert.
  • Within few applications natural volume and sheen are visible.