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Natural Henna Powder naturally colours the hair; further it improves hair growth, reduces hair fall and provides cooling to scalp. It fixes the damage and strengthens your hair to the core. 


  • Acts as a powerful Hair Vitalizing agent and a perfect Hair-Conditioner.
  • Gives rich color and sheen to the hair.
  • Helps keep hair black.
  • Prevents greying up of hair.
  • Acts as powerful treatment for scalp disorders.
  • Acts as anti-bacterial and anti-fungal formula.
  • Helps cure Psoriasis (itching and dry scalp) and Alopecia (patchy baldness).
  • Helps cure mid-length breakage problems.
  • Kills dandruff causing microbes.

Videos Of Pure Henna Powder

Ingredients (in gms to make 100 gms): Methidana-2.6, Trifala-4.6, Neem-1.8, Mint Extract-1.8, Vitamin E-0.4, Chandan-2.3, Henna Leaves (Powder)-Q.S.
Method of Use:
  • Prepare one cup tea liquor, cool it.
  • Add it to HENNA powder & make paste. You can add 1tablespoon curd to it keep it overnight apply.
  • Apply henna paste on scalp & hair in a bun for convenience.
  • Leave this paste on hair & scalp for 40 minutes wash under running water & give two rinses of shampoo.