Orange Honey Massage Cream

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Orange Honey Massage Cream is an organic product prepared with natural herbs like rose, orange, aloe vera, ashwagandha, papaya, tulsi, shatpushpa, borax, glycerine, emulsifying wax, honey, beeswax, mineral oil, sandal oil, rose oil, almond oil, preservatives that helps in removing dryness from your skin, cures the dull skin, rejuvenates and adds glow to the skin back up with skin tightening effect.

Indications: Helpful against pigmentation, patchy skin, dull, dry, and glowless skin. 

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Ingredients: Rose 2%, Orange 1%, Aloe vera 1%, Ashwagandha 0.5%, Papaya 1%, Basil 0.2%, Shatpushpa 1.5%, Borax 0.5%, Glycerine 2%, Honey 0.5%, Sandal Oil 0.1%, Almond Oil 0.1%, base (Emulsifying wax and water) Q.S., MPS and MPP as preservatives.
Method of use:
  • Clean skin and apply dots of Orange Honey all over face and neck and massage for 10-15 minutes with damp fingertips.
  • Wipe the cream with moist cotton swab.
  • Wash with running tap water and apply Lavender Camphor Moisturizer on damp skin or do as directed by the expert.