Anti Pigmentation Kit

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Hyperpigmentation, Freckles, Age spots, Dull complexion, uneven tone.

If you are desirous of radiant glow the kit will work wonderfully.

Perfect for Normal-Dry-Ageing-Dull-Dusky skin.

 Products Included:



1) Cleanse Skin with recommended cleanser👇

Marigold cleanser/Gold Cleanser/Mint cleanser,

Marigold cleanser-Apply with dry finger tips, spread, Wipe with moist cotton swab,

Gold Cleanser & Mint Cleanser 👇

-Apply all over face and neck,
Massage gently,with wet finger tips, for a minute, wipe with moist cotton swab.

Apply Black Rose and Anjeer Aloe Vera on recommended areas together as their time to stay over the skin is 15 minutes 👇

2) Black Rose Pack-Apply over face-For 15 minutes,

3) Anjeer Aloe Vera pack-Around Eyes,over Lips and on Neck-15 minutes .

Wash them together with normal tap water, without rubbing, scrubbing over them.

Wipe face with soft towel.
Day -1👇

Apply 👇
4) Royal Bridal Ubtan- Take 1/2 tsp of the Ubtan Powder.

Add water for making paste,

Apply all over face and neck, leave for 7-9 minutes. Rub gently to scrub off the Ubtan ,

Always remove Ubtan in the direction of hair growth. If required remove with wet finger tips.

5) Marrow Beauty Pack-
Take 1 tsp of this powder and add water for making paste.

Apply all over face and neck.
Leave for 12 minutes .

Wash with normal tap water,without rubbing over the pack.

Day -2👇

Clean with cleanser,

Perform self massage facial with 👇

5) Gold Saffron Massage Cream and water - for 10 minutes.

Wipe the cream with moist cotton swab.


6) Marrow beauty pack-for 12 minutes.

Wash Marrow Beauty Pack with normal tap water without rubbing over the pack.


1) Rose Serum,
2) Lavender Camphor Moisturiser ,
3) Sunscreen,
4) Dermabase- Treatment Foundation.


1) Cleanse,
2) Spray Rose serum,
3) Moisturise,
4) Apply Haldi Kesar Night Cream,
5) Seal in Night Cream with Argan Oil.

Day 1, Day 2 regimen should be followed on alternate days.

Other universal Anti-Pigmentation products 👇

1) Chocowrap,

2) Enzymatic mask,

3) Brightening Mask.